Route/Network Development

Is your airport looking to expand its passenger and/or cargo base through frequency increase and/or new destinations? Look no further than us. We have established relationships within all airline segments including also tour operators and we have a fantastic track record. In the Swedish market our client airports held the number 1 and 2 positions in terms of passenger growth for 2016, 2017, 2018 and now again in 2022 the top position. 

Passenger Development

Securing seat capacity into regional destinations can be a difficult and long term process. We speak with airlines on a weekly basis as well as attending the major route/network development events such as World and European Routes and Connect. As part of our data analysis we use sources such as OAG which allow us to present wide ranging historical data in the business case.

We are more than happy to make a cost free trip to your airport and region to see whether we can put together a solid business case for an airline discussion

Air Cargo/Freight Development

Air cargo is predominately carried by either main deck carriers, passenger aircraft or express carriers. With the large number of wide bodied aircraft operating into larger airports the number of main deck carriers has stagnated somewhat. New two engine long haul aircraft have taken a lot of the market. However, there are opportunities in niche markets in regions which have strong volume of export and/or import goods.

We have a solid relationship with cargo and express carriers and we can definitely push forward strong business cases when there is an opportunity.